AMD Catalyst 11.6b Hotfix Resolves BSoD and Screen Flicker Issues

Paul Lilly

Try not to look smug as you reach around and pat yourself on the back if you're the type of user who, come hell or high water, absolutely refuses to touch new driver and software updates with a 10-foot pole until they've been tested downloaded by others and verified to work. Also get ready to welcome a few more to your ranks after AMD's Catalyst 11.6 driver caused some systems kick it old school with a blue screen of death.

AMD just released another hotfix -- Catalyst 11.6b -- with this latest one intended to resolve a few hair pulling issues Radeon HD graphics card owners may have experienced when using Catalyst 11.6. These include:

  • Blue screen errors (BSOD) seen when connecting a HDMI and DisplayPort based display to an AMD Radeon HD graphics product when using AMD Catalyst 11.6
  • Screen flickering when the system is idle
  • Mouse point corruption found in previous AMD Catalyst release

The previous hotfix added driver support for systems running one of AMD's recently released accelerated processing units (A6-3600 and A6 3650 with Radeon HD 6530D, and A8-3800 and A8-3850 with Radeon HD 6550D). If you already have Catalyst 11.6 installed, you can jump straight to the 11.6b hotfix.

AMD Catalyst 11.6b Hotfix Download

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