AMD Catalyst 11.3 Drivers Now Available for Download

Paul Lilly

There's no reason to go around sulking if you're an AMD videocard owner. While Nvidia just recently dropped its GeForce 270.51 beta drivers into cyberspace, AMD has made available a brand spanking new Catalyst release, and in final form. The new Catalyst 11.3 driver suite supports all of AMD's latest and greatest videocards, including the mighty powerful dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990.

The biggest change that the Catalyst 11.3 suite introduces is that the AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) OpenCL runtime is now enabled by default. According to AMD, applications that leverage OpenCL for GPU based compute tasks will automatically benefit from the performance boost that this provides.

Otherwise, the latest driver package is mostly about resolving issues. In Windows 7, for example, Catalyst 11.3 makes it so 3D Blu-ray playback no longer displays random frame loss.

A full list of resolved issues and other changes can be found in the release notes .

Catalyst 11.3 Download

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