AMD Catalyst 11.11a Drivers Improve Performance in Skyrim, Arkham City, and Other Games

Paul Lilly

Gamers who could potentially benefit the most from AMD's new Catalyst 11.11a performance driver may never read this. Why? Well, if you've been sucked into Skyrim, then you've undoubtedly found plenty to occupy your time, such as picking pockets, slaying dragons, and leveling up, all of which takes priority over reading the news, going to work, and hygiene (it's okay to make an exception with that last one).

If you do happen to read this and own an AMD videocard, you should consider installing the new drivers before hopping back into Skyrim. According to AMD, Catalyst 11.11a improves performance anywhere from 2-7 percent on single GPU configurations in Skyrim. The drivers also resolve corruption issues when enabling MSAA on Radeon HD 6970 cards.

Skyrim isn't the only game AMD addressed. Batman: Arkham City should see better performance with the incremental driver update, and so should Rage, along with a number of bug fixes. Finally, Catalyst 11.11a also resolves corruption seen in Battlefield 3 when playing the game at specific camera angles.

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Image Credit: Bethesda

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