AMD Catalyst 11.10 Drivers Now Available for Download

Paul Lilly

We're a day late on this one, but AMD on Halloween treated Radeon graphics card owners to new Catalyst 11.10 drivers in finished form. According to the release notes, Catalyst 11.10 enhances AMD Eyefinity support with bezel compensation, a new maximum supported resolution of 16000x16000 (on Radeon HD 6000 Series card, limited to DX11 applications only), and by enabling support for Eyefinity 5x1 display configurations in both portrait and landscape modes.

AMD lists performance improvements in the Battlefield 3 Open Beta release, which we assume would also apply to the retail version. Catalyst 11.10 is also supposed to smooth things out in Rage by enabling automatic Vsync and reducing a number of annoying issues, like random crashes, screen flicker, texture corruption, stuttering, and other graphical anomalies.

If you're rocking a copy of Windows 7, there are several other resolved issues Catalyst 11.10 brings to the table, most of which are related to specific games like Lost Planet 2, F1 2010, Dirt 2, Mafia II, and the Unigine Heaven benchmark. There are a handful of fixes for Windows XP and Vista too, but not nearly as many.

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