AMD Catalyst 10.7 Suite Now Available for Download

Paul Lilly

The latest ATI driver package -- Catalyst 10.7 -- adds a handful of new features and a spattering of performance improvements, as well as a bunch of bug fixes, AMD says.

Several tweaks were made with Eyefinity users in mind. For example, maximizing a window across displays will now take user defined bezel compensation into account. The new drivers automatically adjust window position when dragging and dropping windows to ensure title bar visibility, and Eyefinity users will now benefit from proper dialog box placement -- they're no longer hidden behind bezels.

Other notable features include GPU acceleration of H.264 content when using VLC 1.1.1, CrossFireX support for rotated displays, and enhanced pull-down detection.


On the performance front, Catalyst 10.7 kicks things up a notch in Borderlands in a handful of situations, including:

  • Up to 3-5 percent better performance on HD 5800 and HD 5700 cards when AA and AF are enabled
  • UP to 3-8 percent better performance on HD 5970 cards when AA and AF are enabled
  • Up to 2-6 percent better performance on HD 5600 and HD 5500 when AA and AF are enabled
  • Up to 2-10 percent better performance on HD 4800 series cards when AA and AF are enabled

Resolved Issues

The Catalyst 10.7 suite fixes a number of issues across a variety of Windows platforms, including:

  • "Desktop Window Manager has stopped working" error no longer appears after driver installation on specific cards (Windows 7)
  • ATI Stream (CAL) test no longer exists with exception error under CrossFire configurations (Windows Vista)
  • "Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome" no longer fails and displays an error message when the diplomacy button is clicked (Windows XP)

Full release notes and driver download below.

Catalyst 10.7 Drivers
Release Notes (PDF)

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