AMD Begins Funeral Procession for Five Phenom II Processors

Paul Lilly

All good things come to an end, and for AMD fans, the end is nigh for the Sunnyvale chip designer's 45nm SOI (Silicon On Insulator) processors, which will have reached end of life (EOL) status by December 2012. Among the list of soon-to-be deceased chips are five Phenom II processors, including two quad-core X4 CPUs and half a dozen dual-core X2 parts. A moment of silence is in order.

According to Fudzilla , AMD has begun notifying its partners that the following processors are about to be marked as EOL:

  • Phenom II X4 965 (3.4GHz, 6MB cache, 125W TDP)
  • Phenom II X4 955 (3.2GHz, 6MB cache, 125W TDP)
  • Phenom II X2 565 (3.4GHz, 6MB cache, 80W TDP)
  • Phenom II X2 560 (3.3GHz, 6MB cache, 80W TDP)
  • Phenom II X2 555 (3.2GHz, 6MB cache, 80W TDP)

The first to reach EOL is the X4 965, which has a date with the Grim Reaper in September 2012. All the rest are scheduled for forced retirement in December 2012.

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