AMD Announces Opteron 6000 Series Platform

Paul Lilly

AMD is looking to take the server and datacenter markets by storm and has announced the availability of the "world's first 8- and 12-core x86 processor for the high-volume 2P and value 4P server market." According to AMD, it's Opteron 6000 Series platform offers up to a 119 percent improved performance (floating point) while still maintaining low price and power.

"As AMD has done before, we are again redefining the server market based on current customer requirements," said Patrick Patla, vice president and general manger, Server and Embedded Divisions, AMD. "The AMD Opteron 6000 Series platform signals a new era of server value, significantly disrupts today's server economics, and provides the performance-per-watt, value, and consistency customers demand for their real-world datacenter workloads."

In addition to improved floating point performance, AMD says its new 6000 Series increases integer performance by up to 88 percent, while the enhanced integrated memory controller supports four channels of DDR3 memory for up to a 2.5x improvement in overall memory bandwidth.

AMD is also touting "significant new power management features," and compared to Intel's offerings, the No. 2 chip maker says "it feels like the power efficiency is clearly in our court."

Image Credit: AMD

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