AMD Announces FirePro V4900 Videocard for Penny Pinching Graphics Professionals

Paul Lilly

AMD has ported another consumer desktop GPU over to its professional FirePro line with the launch of its new Turks-based FirePro V4900. Tooting its own horn, AMD claims the new card "blows away the competition" with more than double the performance of competitive cards in many Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Digital Content Creation (DCC) applications.

What some graphics professionals will find most appealing is the price. The card carries an MSRP of $189, yet AMD insists there's sufficient horsepower to "exceed the needs of graphics professionals." The FirePro V4900 has 480 stream processors, 1GB of GDDR5 memory on a 128-bit bus and clocked at 4GHz (effective), 24 texture units, 8 ROPs, and an 800MHz core clockspeed.

"The AMD FirePro V4900 stands in a league of its own and redefines entry-level professional graphics card capabilities," says Sandeep Gupte , general manager of Professional Graphics, AMD. "The AMD FirePro V4900 leverages AMD’s most advanced graphics technology, which not only enhances user experience and boosts performance of professional applications, but also features AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology that supports up to six displays4, increasing user productivity."

The FirePro V4900 will be available in select Dell and Fujitsu systems and HP workstations, and will also be sold at select online retailers.

Image Credit: AMD

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