AMD Announces FirePro S10000 Professional Graphics Card

Paul Lilly

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on Monday introduced what it claims is the industry's most powerful server graphics card, the AMD FirePro S10000. The Sunnyvale chip designer says the FirePro S10000 is the first professional-grade card to exceed 1 teraflop of double-precision floating-point performance (1.48 teraflops), as well as 5.91 teraflops of peak single-precision performance.

"The demands placed on servers by compute and graphics-intensive workloads continues to grow exponentially as professionals work with larger data sets to design and engineer new products and services," said David Cummings , senior director and general manager, Professional Graphics, AMD. "The AMD FirePro S10000, equipped with our Graphics Core Next Architecture, enables server graphics to play a dual role in providing both compute and graphics horsepower simultaneously. This is executed without compromising performance for users while helping reduce the total cost of ownership for IT managers."

Like Nvidia, which introduced its Tesla K20 GPU accelerators today , AMD is touting both performance and power efficiency. According to AMD, the FirePro S10000 is the most powerful dual-GPU server graphics card ever created, delivering up to 1.3 times the single precision and up to 7.8 times peak double-precision floating-point performance as Nvidia's previous generation dual-GPU K10 product. It's equipped with 6GB of GDDR5 memory on a 384-bit bus for 480GB/s of bandwidth (aggregate of dual GPUs).

In addition, AMD claims its FirePro S10000 churns out the highest peak double-precision performance per watt of any dual-GPU server card. It has a max power draw of 375W.

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