AMD and Intel to Settle Civil Suit

Paul Lilly

After more than four years of litigation, it looks like AMD and Intel are likely to reach a settlement before the civil case between the chip makers comes to court in 2010.

The original filing dates back to June 2005, during which time AMD sued Intel in a Delaware district court alleging all kinds of anti-competitive business practices and other tomfoolery. If found guilty, Intel could potentially be fined around $9 billion, TGDaily reports . To put that into perspective, building two fabs would only cost half as much.

Intel could also be fined much less, and the longer this drags on, the more resources both sides have to throw at lawyers rather than concentrating on building chips. For this reason, TGDaily reports sources close to both companies say the case will never make it to trial as the two sides are likely to settle. The amount and terms of the potential settlement aren't known, and probably never will be, but either way, you can score this as a win for AMD.

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