AMD and Intel Increase Share of Graphics Market in Q2

Paul Lilly

Nvidia stands as odd man out in GPU race

According to newly released data by Jon Peddie Research (JPR), AMD was the big winner in the GPU sweepstakes in the second quarter of 2013, at least in terms of market share growth. AMD bumped up its share of the GPU market to 21.9 percent, a gain of 10.9 percent sequentially, while Intel grew a more modest 6.2 percent sequentially for a 62 percent stranglehold on the market.

Out of the big three, only Nvidia saw a decline in GPU shipments in Q2. Nvidia's share fell 8 percent sequentially to 16.1 percent, the result of a drop in both desktop and mobile discrete shipments.

The advantage AMD and Intel have over Nvidia is that both sell x86 processors with integrated graphics. As such, notebook shipments played a large role in both companies being able to increase their share of the GPU market, especially AMD, which saw APU shipments increase an "astounding" 47.1 percent in notebooks.

"The overall PC market declined 2.5 percent quarter-to-quarter while the graphics market increased 4.6 percent. Overall this net 7.1 percent increase reflects an interest on the part of consumers for double-attach—the adding of a discrete GPU to a system with integrated processor graphics, and to a lesser extent dual AIBs in performance desktop machines," JPR said .

Total discrete GPUs (desktop and notebook) were down 5.5 percent sequentially due to the same problems plaguing the PC industry -- increased interest in tablets and persistent economic slowness.

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