AMD and Crytek Ink Deal to Wedge Support for Mantle API into CryEngine

Paul Lilly

Mantle notches another milestone

It remains to be seen if AMD's Mantle API can be a game changing force, but it at least bodes well that developers are showing interest. The newest member to the Mantle team is Crytek, which entered into a technology partnership with AMD to add native Mantle support to its CryEngine game engine. Make no mistake, this is a big win for AMD, which itself is still figuring out how best to utilize Mantle.

Bear in mind that Mantle is still a beta product that's gone from concept to development in two short years. We've already seen some performance gains as a result of Mantle, and while the API won't magically transform an inept gaming PC into a pixel pushing power house, some of the performance boosts at this early stage have been impressive.

Now we'll get to see what Mantle can bring to CryEngine titles.

"Crytek prides itself on enabling CryEngine with the latest and most impressive rendering capabilities," said Cevat Yerli , Founder, CEO & President of Crytek. "By integrating AMD’s new Mantle API, CryEngine will gain a dimension of ‘lower level’ hardware access that enables extraordinary efficiency, performance and hardware control."

CryEngine has been powering games since 2004. The latest iteration was used to make Ryse: Son of Rome for the Xbox One as well as a small handful of other titles.

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