AMD Already Dropping Prices of Recently Released Phenom II Processors


Well that was fast. Just two weeks after launch, AMD has significantly cut pricing on its Phenom II X4 processors. And the chips weren't that expensive to begin with. The Phenom II X4 920 and 940 debuted at $235 and $275 (per 1,000-unit trays) respectively, meaning you could pick up the company's flagship CPU for under $300 when normally a top of the line processor commands a grand. Now the 920 and 940 are being sold on Newegg for $195 and $235 respectively.

While it might seem AMD is being a bit hasty in slashing prices, you can chalk it up to competitive pressure from Intel, who could care less about AMD's financial situation. Not only is Core i7 in no danger of conceding its performance crown, but two days ago Intel announced price cuts on its Core 2 Quad Q9650, Q9550, and Q8200 processors, which now sell on Newegg for $334, $283, and $170 respectively.

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