AMD Aims to Undercut Intel with Ultrabook Alternative

Paul Lilly

The message at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year was loud and clear: Ultrabooks are here to stay. Intel finds itself in similar territory after spearheading the once hugely popular netbook market, and so does AMD, which has a chance to take a mulligan and do things differently this time. AMD waited too long to get into netbook alternatives, and this time around, the Sunnyvale chip maker doesn't want history to repeat itself.

DigiTimes is reporting that AMD is set to launch its Trinity-based platform for the Ultrabook market, a moniker that belongs to Intel but a thin, light, and powerful form factor that anyone can use or emulate. AMD's version is codenamed "Ultrathin" and is expected to launch in June. That's still five months away, but if these types of notebooks truly are the future, AMD will be getting in while the market's still emerging.

Doing what it does best these days, AMD plans to undercut Intel with better prices. Overal, Ultrathins should run about 10-20 percent less than Ultrabooks with models from Hewlett-Packard, Acer, and Asus, DigiTimes says. The cost difference is expected to break down to $100 to $200 less, though lower priced Ultrabook models could close the gap.

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