AMD Adds More 12-Core and 16-Core Processors to Opteron 6300 Series

Paul Lilly

New server chips starting at $377

AMD just fleshed out its Opteron 6300 Series of server processors with a pair of new chips, one of which is a 12-core part and the other a 16-core offering. These additions to what AMD calls "Warshaw" are intended for enterprise applications and feature AMD's "Piledriver" core architecture. They're also fully socket and software compatible with the existing Opteron 6300 Series.

According to AMD , these new parts are in response to customers' requests. The new Opteron 6370P is a 16-core part with a 2.0GHz base frequency and 2.5GHz Turbo frequency. It supports quad-channel memory up to DDR3-1866, has 16MB of L3 cache, and carries a max TDP rating of 99W.

The Opteron 6338P is similar except that it has 12-cores clocked at 2.3GHz base and 2.8GHz Turbo. Both it and the 6370P are optimized to handle heavily virtualized workloads, including tasks like data analysis, xSQL, and traditional databases, all without breaking the bank.

System integrators have already begun selling the Opteron 6338P and 6370P for $377 and $598, respectively.

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