AMD Adds Game DVR Beta to Raptr Software with New Update

Sean D Knight

New feature lets you record last 10 minutes gameplay

For those who like to record their gameplay sessions, and share them with others, AMD offers a screen recording utility like FRAPS for those with AMD Radeon GPUs and APUs. Recently, AMD released a new update for its Gaming Evolved client that improves the performance .

Powered by Raptr, the client’s recording utility, thanks to the update , has been fine-tuned so that users will now have high-quality video capture without any impact on performance, according to the hardware manufacturer. Simply restart the client to update or download it directly from Raptr’s website . The client’s UI has been redesigned so that it is faster and easier to use. In addition, the library of games optimized for the Gaming Evolved client has been expanded to 204 titles .

Included in the update is the Game DVR beta that continually records the last 10 minutes of a player’s game session and allows them to instantly save a particular moment during their gameplay experience. To use this feature, AMD users just need to click Record in the client’s Home tab and it will capture the last fifteen seconds by default (this can be increased to 10 minutes). To save the clip you just hit Page Up + K while pressing Page Up + R will start and stop gameplay capture.

Will you be using the Gaming Evolved client to record and stream your games? Sound off in the comments below!

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