AMD Adds Five CPUs to Opteron 6100 Series

Paul Lilly

AMD's Valentine's Day gift to workstation and server system builders is the addition of five new members to the AMD Opteron 6100 series, all of which are available today, the chip maker announced . The new parts range in clockspeed from 1.8GHz to 2.5GHz and sport 8 or 12 cores. AMD is aiming to attract mostly value minded enterprise and public sector consumers by touting low power and attractive performance-per-dollar-per-watt.

"These new server CPUs deliver greater performance than we’ve ever had before," said Patrick Patla, vice president and general manager, Server Business, AMD. "When we launched the AMD Opteron 6000 Series platforms last year, we eliminated the ‘4P tax’ and met market demands for higher performance-per-dollar-per-watt. Our customers’ benchmarks and testimonials bear out these improvements, and these five new parts—and the rave reviews—prove that we continue to deliver on our vision."

The new processors include:

  • 6132 HE (2.2GHz, 8 cores, 65W TDP)
  • 6140 (2.6GHz, 8 cores, 80W TDP)
  • 6166 HE (1.8GHz, 12 cores, 65W TDP)
  • 6176 (2.3GHz, 12 cores, 80W TDP)
  • 6180 SE (2.5GHz, 12 cores, 105W TDP)

These are all socket-compatible with the AMD Opteron 6000 series platform, and so will be AMD's upcoming 16-core Bulldozer-based Opteron chips, the company said.

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