AMD 11.11 CAP 2 Adds CrossFireX Support to Saints Row 3, Skyrim Profile Still MIA

Maximum PC Staff

AMD Crossfire users struggling to maintain a passable frame rate in Saints Row 3 or Gothic 4 take note. AMD has released Catalyst 11.11 WHQL CAP 2 , which enables Crossfire profiles for both titles, and most importantly, lets you make full use of both graphics cards. If like me you were hoping Skyrim would make the cut for this latest CAP we have bad news for you, it didn’t. The last update from AMD on this front was 5 days ago, and said little more than they were hoping to release it ASAP .

Considering that NVidia had drivers ready on launch day, we can’t help but wonder what’s taking so long.

-  Saints Row 3:  Resolves stuttering seen when playing in CrossFireX mode.   Also provides Single GPU and CrossFireX performance improvements when running in lower resolution configurations

-  Gothic 4 Arcania:  Fall of Setarrif:  Improves CrossFire performance

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