AMD’s HD 7990 Drops from $999 to $799



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I own a 7970 by HIS. It runs Crysis 3/Far Cry 3/Metro Last Light all settings max at 1080p resolution just fine. It was extremely rare when I saw FPS dip below 30fps on Crysis (like the beginning storm part on the boat). Don't see a need for a 7990 unless I was running a dual-monitor set-up or more. But if a guy can afford that kind of set-up, then the price cut for the 7990 won't mean too much for the future owners lol



30 fps is such a low standard. You want to be able to run any game on max 1080p settings and get at least 60. If you enjoy smooth gameplay, 100 fs is where you want to be. You would be well served by adding another 7970.



Unless I'm playing Far Cry 3, why would I want this for gaming over the much cheaper 7970?

Also, no 13.8 beta benchmarks used in this article? :(



The link to the 13.8 article has some frame timing benchmarks, so take a look at that. In terms of FPS we have not measured the impact of the 13.8 drivers yet, but will try to get to it soon.



Bitcoin mining? I can't justify spending that kind of dough on a GPU, but then again, I don't have a trust fund. That kind of money can upgrade most of my rig with new parts!



These prices are pretty good, and especially with the amount of games you get and the new frame-pacing driver, it's looking really good for the 7990. Just don't get a non-reference card for once! It's probably the best cooling you can get on a 7990 save liquid cooling solutions.



Oh, you know I will! Because you know what was keeping me from buying one before? My budget for a video card was *ONLY* $800, not a $1K! What, do they think I'm made of $100 bills?

On second thought, it looks like I still won't be able to get 60 fps across my 3x30" IPS panels in Far Cry 3 and Crysis 3, so maybe I'll just wait and scrape up that other $200 for next gen ;-)



Agree, it ain't cheap. For better options, check out



i recomend to wait antill q3 2013 then will be relist the 9000 series, thes was posted erlier on this site