Amazon Potentially Releasing Android-Based Console



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Make it a direct competitor to the PS4 and Xbox One on a X86 platform and you'd have something Amazon.



The more I read about the vulnerabilities of the Android OS (Pick ur candy version), the more I'm inclined to think that Linux really needs to be considered as a better platform for systems like this.

Android shouldn't have so many holes in it - it's a mobile OS for crying out loud. I'd hate to see a full-blown Android OS.



Android runs the Linux kernel.



specs! now!



Amazon is usually pretty savvy with their products, but I think they're missing it with this. A $100 device to do nothing but play Android games? Like there aren't already enough devices out that do the exact same thing?

Wait until the Steam console becomes reality and the whole console market will be turned on its head.



Why didn't you include the word 'Game' in the article title. I presumed you mean developer console, and probably would have read the article earlier if the title said 'game console'.



I would be interested if I had not sworn off consoles years ago....



I don't know, I have a couple Ipad minis, a Kindle Fire, and a Toshiba Thrive android tablet, the Kindle fire is easily my least favorite. I can't imagine what they'd offer that the OUYA or Nvidia Shield or just a roku or AppleTV doesn't?

The Ouya and this console are probably not going to set the world on fire, the Nvidia Shield at least will stream your PC games, but really, phone games belong on a phone, as Nintendo how well the Super Gameboy adapter did.



I'd rather they just put their Prime streaming on Android.


I Jedi

I think the better question here is what games will be available day of release that justify spending potentially 100+$ on an unproven console by a company just entering the market? I regularly go onto the Android Play Store, and there really isn't anything worth of value that I would be willing to buy through an Android-based console system.

Even if this console is geared towards the average, casual gamer, and not hardcore MMO/FPS type players, who would want to buy games on this console when they have smartphones to play the same games already?

Granted, now everyone is going to jump on me and say, "Oh, I would play it!" As would I, but that doesn't mean it's going to be a success or worth the investment.