Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Explains His $250 Million Purchase of The Washington Post



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I'm hoping that he makes a statement about how Newspapers can adapt and adjust, seeing as how very few are doing well at all in today's web-based society.

Kinda like how Google built Chrome to show the other guys how it could be done better, not to really make something that would compete in of itself.

Newspapers have forgotten what their core business is. Their core business is not in printing and delivering newspapers, but rather providing news and information.

We're in the information age, so it's baffling how so few have adapted at all.

Local papers could have provided up-to-the-minute news, video content with local interviews, weather reports, etc. They could have been a place for information on local businesses, local events, etc.

Dan O.



"To not make mistakes..." How about not splitting the infinitive and sate "not to make mistakes..."

He's going to use the paper as a mouthpiece...why the hell else do rich people buy newspapers?


Renegade Knight

Maybe to make money. Newspapers are in the best position to transition to the internet for exactly the same purpose. There is an irony there in that most of them have failed in that regard.



Maybe he's got some idea's on how to make a paywall news site actually make money and he needs a brand that has some traction with older readers. Either that or he has so much money he can pretty much buy anything he wants to on a whim.

Yeah it's one of those, wonder which one it is.



I'm going with door #2 lol.

IMHO he should have salvaged the old NASA spacecraft from the bottom of the ocean, as he (in)famously proclaimed he would, before he bought some washed-up, has-been newspaper.

Something about the man just creeps me out a bit. He's like a creepier Howie Mandel. As to why that thought kicks around in the back of my mind when I look at the article's pic I haven't a clue.



Most of the articles I've read about this sale talk about how the Washington Post is a "respected" outlet of journalism but then can't list many instances of noted journalism that they've done that are less than 40 years old. If Watergate is the only piece of journalism that they have, and it seems to be, then it should be no surprise that the paper tanked and the paper shouldn't be heralded as some "bastion" of journalism. Talk about living in the past.

I thought Amazon was only going for Free Next Day shipping to compensate for paying all local sales taxes (which they're pushing for). That's not something that I'd prefer, especially since their really-rapid shipper in my area is not a "big brand" one and is rather sketchy.



His investment in free Next day shipping may allow him to sell his daily paper nationwide.
One more reason to get a prime account if this is true.