Amazon Cuts Price of Kindle Fire to $169, Hopes to Burn the Competition



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I paid $149 for the 9 inch Nook HD+ which has access to google play, and one of the best screens around, as well as the ability to add an SD card,and stat wise beats the Kindle Fire in almost every category. pretty hard to beat that deal, and it seems that price will be around for a while.



The Nook HD is awesome but so is the Kindle Fire HD. I personally prefer Kindle but the nice thing about Nook is the expandable memory which is a huge plus for content junkies. 64gb for about $54.

The Kindle Fire HD has a better screen, faster wifi (dual band & dual antenea & it has stereo speakers). Basically Kindle is much better for content viewing like Netflix. Keep in mind that I just said Nook is better for huge storage capacity. It depends on what you want and what really matters is that the ipad mini is an overpriced hunk of junk. It has no good features except the camera which is stupid, the same camera we all already have on our smart phones which are much easier to hold but the ipad mini is almost double the price.



Amazon is putting itself in a tough position.

On one hand I want to be able to watch Amazon Prime videos on a tablet.

On the other hand I want to be able to run all Android apps on my tablet. The biggest being GenieGo.

If Amazon would develop an app to stream their video service to other Android devices, it would go a long way, but then you would lose the sole reason of buying their device.

We've been happy with our Kindle Fire (first edition), but I won't buy another as long as I can't get all the apps I need.