Amazon Wants to Improve Kindle Browser

Maximum PC Staff

It’s a challenge trying to parse what a company might be up to. It’s obvious, for example, that Amazon will need to respond to recent events in the tablet PC market to keep its Kindle competitive. But what exact path it might take for this endeavor isn’t necessarily obvious. Unless, of course, you happen to be a keen observer of the want ads.

Michael Calore, at webmonkey , thinks Amazon is working to improve the browser engine of the Kindle, which he likens to “taking a step backwards in time.” According to Calore, a job posting for a “browser engineer” at “Lab126” is a dead giveaway that an upgrade is in the works. Lab126 is the Amazon division that develops the Kindle, and it is on the hunt for a person to “develop “an innovative embedded web browser” for a consumer product.”

Calore suggests that once the iPad hits the market, allowing for a fuller web browsing experience (and the HP Slate not too far behind it), the Kindle will look pretty lame. Looking lame is no way to hang onto market share.

Amazon is also looking to broaden the Kindle experience with a recently launched beta program for third-party app developers . And there’s the persistent rumor that Amazon is jonesing for a color Kindle as well. From all this it would seem clear that, at the very least, Amazon is rising up to meet this new challenge.

Image Credit: Amazon

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