Amazon to Sell Ad-supported Kindle for $25 Off

Ryan Whitwam

Usually, if someone went around offering you a new Kindle for $25 under retail , you'd look at them slyly and wonder where they stole it from. But in the case of Target and Best Buy stores, they're going to be selling the cheaper Kindle starting May 3rd because it is ad-supported. On-screen ads may lower the price by $25, but will users accept that?

The device ins question will be the Wi-Fi only model, which retails for $139 right now. So the new ad-supported price will clock in at $114. There are a lot of ways the ads could go terribly wrong, but the description does not make them seen excessively annoying. According to Amazon, users will see, "advertisements on the bottom of the device's home page and on its screen savers."

This is a shift in the way consumer electronics are marketed. If successful, this could open the door to all manner of devices being sold with ads at a reduced price. Though, we wish the subsidy was a little bigger. It seems a shame to get so close to that magical $99 price point, and stop short. Would you consider buying an Ad-supported Kindle?

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