Amazon to Kindle Fire Owners: You Mad Bro? Over-the-Air Update Will Cheer You Up

Paul Lilly

Amazon is promising an over-the-air update for its recently launched Kindle Fire device will cure many of the ills early adopters have been complaining about. A company spokesman said the firmware revision will improve performance, smooth out navigation, and give users the option of editing recent activity, which will mean no more having to hide the device when you don't want other family members knowing what you've been up to.

"In less than two weeks, we're rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire," Drew Herdener, a company spokesman, told The New York Times .

Those aren't the only complaints people have with the Kindle Fire. The lack of a physical volume rocker, power button placement, and no expandable storage options are three other things early adopters have been disappointed with. However, all three could be addressed in a second generation model, which NYT believes will launch in the Spring.

Image Credit: Amazon

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