Amazon to Add a Dash of Color to eBook Readers in Second Half of 2012

Paul Lilly

There's a fine line between what separates an eBook reader from a full-fledged tablet, and it doesn't get any easier to discern when there are devices like the Kindle Fire. Is it a glorified eBook reader, a tablet, or a hybrid of both? Ask three different people and you might get three different answers. Be that as it may, Amazon is planning to muddy the waters even further by releasing a line of color eBook readers in the second half of this this year.

So called 'industry sources' tell DigiTimes that makers in the supply chain have already begun shipping related parts and components for these new color-capable eBook readers. The final product will sport multi-touch capacitive displays rather than those infrared touch panels found in existing mono-color eBook readers.

Unfortunately that's all we have in the way of details; there's no mention of the other hardware or software, or whether it will share tablet-like features the way Barnes & Noble's Nook Color does. What we do know is that these devices will be joining a crowded lineup of Kindles that currently include:

  • Kindle: $79 ($109 without Special Offers)
  • Kindle Touch: $99 ($139 without Special Offers)
  • Kindle Touch 3G: $149 ($189 without Special Offers)
  • Kindle Keyboard 3G: $139 ($189 without Special Offers)
  • Kindle DX: $379
  • Kindle Fire: $199

Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble's lineup looks like this:

  • Nook Simple Touch: $79
  • Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight: $139
  • Nook Color: $149
  • Nook Tablet: $199/8GB, $249/16GB

Image Credit: Amazon

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