Amazon Targets August for Second Generation Kindle Fire Launch

Paul Lilly

Google figured out the key to fighting fire -- Amazon's Kindle Fire, that is -- is with a similar sized Nexus 7 device rocking Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). That strategy may ultimately work, but don't expect Amazon to roll over and concede defeat as the one offering the second best selling tablet in the world. Instead, Amazon is reportedly getting ready to fire back with a second generation Kindle Fire device slated to arrive on virtual store shelves in August.

The first wave of shipments will total 2 million units, China Times says. Quanta is said to be manufacturing the device, which is being upgraded from a plastic chassis to one that's constructed of metal.

Other details are unknown at this time, but the general consensus is that Amazon is looking to get the hardware up to par with the Nexus 7 while maintaining the same price point. If that ends up being the case, it would mean the original Kindle Fire will go down in price next month.

According to China Times , Amazon is aiming for an August 7 launch date. A week ago today, CNet reported it had been told by a "credible source" that Amazon was targeting a July 31 launch.

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