Amazon Tablet Gets Unofficially Detailed

Ryan Whitwam

The Amazon tablet is becoming the white whale of tablets, but a report from TechCrunch may have finally shed some light on Amazon’s plans. MG Sigler claims to have used an Amazon tablet , and confirms that it is a 7-inch device running Android. However, it is totally forked version of the platform that bears little resemblance to Google’s current software.

The tablet will simply be called “Amazon Kindle.” According to TechCrunch, the device bears a striking resemblance to the PlayBook. It has a standard color capacitive LCD  touchscreen, and understands two multitouch points. The internals are up in the air, but the new Kindle tablet is thought to have a single-core SoC.

The interface is dominated by a spinning carousel that lists content like books, videos, and apps. A dock at the bottom allows users to pin favorite items to it. The status bar at the top is still used for notifications, and the browser is similar to the stock Android version. The software is reportedly built from a version of Android before 2.2, and will be updated by Amazon independently. There are also no Google apps on board.

The price Amazon is leaning toward is $250, but that could change before the expected November release. Anyone interested?

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