Amazon Squashes $99 Kindle Fire HD Rumor

Paul Lilly

A new Kindle Fire HD is in the cards, but it won't cost $99.

Tablet prices have fallen sharply in the past year or so, and Amazon is a big reason why. It wasn't until the original Kindle Fire debuted that there was an affordable, name brand alternative to the iPad, along with proof positive that there does indeed exist a market for 7-inch slates. Fast forward to today and there are rumors of $99 tablets on the horizon, including one from Amazon, though don't hold your breath waiting for a lower priced Kindle Fire HD.

TechCrunch stirred the pot by reporting on a supposed $99 Kindle Fire HD that's said to be in production and shipping this year. According to that report, the new Kindle Fire HD will sport a TI processor and boast a 1280x800 resolution, same as the current Kindle Fire HD.

Too good to be true? Unfortunately, yes. The folks at The Verge pinged Amazon about the rumored price point and was told, point blank, "It's not happening. We are already at the lowest price points possible for that hardware."

We suppose if you're into conspiracy theories or reading way in between the lines, you could hold out hope based on Amazon qualifying its statement with "that hardware," meaning a $99 Kindle Fire HD might not be happening, but perhaps a different tablet might hit that price point.

By the way, you can still buy an original Kindle Fire tablet (non-HD) for $159 .

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