Amazon Spins off the Kindle Fire and Silk Browser Under a New Company Named Seesaw

Maximum PC Staff

The Kindle Fire has the potential to be one of the best selling items on Amazon this holiday, but according to a new trademark filing, Amazon believes the Fire is already strong enough to spin off on it’s own. According to documents obtained by Fusible , Amazon has listed the trademark owner of the Kindle Fire as “Seesaw LLC”, along with the Silk browser.

Amazon has not publically commented as to why they are spinning-off their two new tablet products while keeping the Kindle e-ink readers still under the main company, but it never hurts to speculate! Its possible Amazon is taking early steps to separate mobile devices from the companies retail arm, which might also suggest more tablets or even phones might be on the way in the not to distant future.

One thing is for sure, with a build cost of $208, and a retail price of $199 , Seesaw is probably going to have a really crappy holiday quarter.

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