Amazon Sold a Boatload of Kindle Devices Over Holiday Weekend

Paul Lilly

Amazon could hardly contain its excitement over how many Kindle devices it sold on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the busiest offline and online (respectively) shopping days of the year. According to Amazon, the holiday weekend was the "best ever" for the Kindle family, especially Cyber Monday, which ranked as the biggest day ever for Kindle sales worldwide. It was pretty much the same situation last year, which makes it even more impressive that Amazon managed to double its holiday weekend sales record from 2011.

"Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fires have held the top 4 spots on the Amazon worldwide best sellers list since launch, and that was before the busiest shopping weekend of the year," said Dave Limp , Vice President, Amazon Kindle. " We’re excited that customers made this Black Friday and Cyber Monday the best ever for Kindle worldwide—Cyber Monday was the biggest day ever for Kindle sales, and we’re looking forward to millions of customers opening a new Kindle this holiday season."

Amazon helped to boost sales by offering its original Kindle Fire for $129 on Cyber Monday, down $30 from its regular selling price of $159. Though it's a previous generation tablet, the 2012 model was upgraded with a faster processor and twice the amount of RAM, bumping performance up 44 percent compared to the previous build, Amazon claims.

The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD's main competition in the 7-inch tablet space is the Nexus 7 and, to some extent, Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet HD and Apple's higher priced iPad mini.

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