Amazon Sells More Kindle Books Than Actual Books

Brad Chacos

Amazon's Kindle wasn't the first e-reader on the market, but it's continuing the Amazon tradition of shattering sales paradigms – Amazon announced today that it now sells more Kindle e-books than traditional print books.

Amazon reports that since April 1st, the company has sold 105 e-books for every 100 print books. That's not including all the free downloads of public domain books, either. It's not surprising when you consider just how ubiquitous the Kindle's become in just four years – even if you don't have an actual Kindle, you can read Kindle books using the Kindle app that's available for many mobile devices.

All in all, it's shaping up to be a good (read: lucrative) year for Amazon. The $114 "Kindle with Special Offers" edition was only released about a month ago and it's already the top-selling version of the hardware in the US. Amazon's on pace to triple last year's e-book sales, and that trend puts the company's book division on track to have their biggest growth year in over a decade. So that's how they afford all those free shipping offers!

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