Amazon Reportedly Working With HTC On New Smartphones

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Amazon-branded smartphones could be on the way

HTC has been in a bit of trouble after the launch of the HTC One, but things might be looking up for the Taiwanese phone manufacturer. According to a report by the Financial Times , Amazon is partnering with HTC to get into the smartphone market, but we probably won’t be seeing a completed phone for a while.

Although one of the three devices being considered is “at an advanced state of development,” the FT states that the launch timeline has already been changed once and that Amazon might not even release the device.

The entire agreement is remarkably similar to Google’s partnership with LG which resulted in the Nexus 4 and might have continued over to the unreleased Nexus 5. It’s also the first time that Amazon has worked with a well-known phone maker like HTC. All of Amazon’s Kindles have been designed in-house.

This isn’t HTC’s first attempt at a partnership. The HTC First—otherwise known as the Facebook phone—was a collaboration between the hardware designers at HTC and the developers at Facebook.

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