Amazon Reportedly Begins Testing Potential Game Changing Smartphone

Paul Lilly

Where there's smoke, you'll often find fire, which turned out to be the case when it was rumored Amazon was working on a low-cost tablet, a device that would turn out be the Kindle Fire. Now we're hearing that Amazon wants to try its hand at the smartphone business. It was being reported less than a week ago that Amazon was in the process of collecting patents as part of its upcoming smartphone strategy, and now there's chatter that Amazon is currently testing what it hopes to be a game changing device.

Rumors are a dime a dozen, but this one comes from The Wall Street Journal , which claims to have heard from "people familiar with the situation" that Amazon is testing a smartphone with mass production slated for later this year, or possibly early 2013.

Unfortunately, most details are still non-existent. Nobody seems to have a clue exactly how large the screen will be (one of WSJ's sources says between four and five inches), what kind of processor Amazon plans to use, and other hardware specifics. All we really know is that Amazon will face fierce competition, not just from Apple and its upcoming iPhone 5, but also all the low-cost Android devices that are already on the market. Standing out from the crowd might be harder in the smartphone sector than Amazon anticipates, and certainly more challenging than in the tablet arena.

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