Amazon Prime Air Aims to Deliver Your Package by Flying Drones in 2015

Paul Lilly

Drones will deliver packages to Prime Air customers in 30 minutes or less

It's a little early for an April Fool's prank, so we can only assume that Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is dead serious about the use of delivery drones to buzz stuff to your doorstep within a half hour of placing your order. Bezos unveiled the plan last night on CBS network's "60 Minutes" saying that drone delivery would be available to Prime Air customers. However, Amazon has to clear a major hurdle first.

"From a technology point of view, we'll be ready to enter commercial operation as soon as the necessary regulations are in place. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is actively working on rules for unmanned aerial vehicles," Amazon states on its Prime Air FAQ page .

The FAQ page also ensures that even though this looks like science fiction, it's very much a real thing. Not only that, Amazon says its drones will be ready to the skies as early as 2015, which is when it hopes the FAA's rules will be in place. Those rules will ensure public safety, something Amazon says is a "top priority" in this initiative.

On "60 Minutes," Bezos said drones would be capable of carrying packages that weigh up to 5 pounds, which represents 86 percent of the company's deliveries.

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