Amazon One Ups B&N, Drops Kindle to $189

Ryan Whitwam

Do you smell that? It's the smell of Barnes and Noble getting burned by Amazon. No sooner did the brick and mortar bookseller drop the price of the Nook eReader to $199, than Amazon dropped the price of the Kindle to $189 . It seems suspiciously like Amazon was just waiting for Barnes and Noble to make the first move.

The Kindle, like the Nook, has free 3G wireless data and an eInk screen. Barnes and Noble also announced a cheaper Wi-Fi only model, but it sells for $150. That's only $40 less than the new Kindle price point. The Nook's new pricing tiers are clearly predicated on the Kindle being stuck at $260.

Overall, this is great for consumers. The eReader price war has finally begun, and not a moment too soon. We've always felt that these devices were far too expensive for what they do. Does the new Kindle price change the equation for you?

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