Amazon May Launch a 4.7-inch Kindle Smartphone

Paul Lilly

Another rumor points to an Amazon smartphone on the horizon.

Amazon should do the Internet a favor and either launch a smartphone of its own or come out and say, in no uncertain terms, that it has no intentions of offering a handset. It would save us the trouble of sifting through rumors , which have been permeating the web for about year now. The latest bit of news suggests Amazon is not only still interested in releasing a smartphone, but will go with a 4.7-inch display.

Previous rumors pointed to a 4.3-inch screen, though "industry supply chain sources" chirping in the ear of news and rumor site Digitimes claim Amazon has been influenced by the demand for increasingly larger handsets. Samsung's recently announced Galaxy S4 , for example, sports a 4.99-inch Full HD 1080p display, up a full inch from the original Galaxy S.

According to Digitimes , Amazon is targeting a second quarter launch, though "it may not be able to release the smartphone on schedule" due to production issues at Foxconn, which is reportedly building the device. Foxconn also manufactures Apple's iPhone line.

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