Amazon: Latest Kindles Selling Faster than Ever

Paul Lilly

Despite the tablet hype, the ebook reader market is very much alive and well, at least in Amazon's camp. The online retailer today announced that more next-gen Kindles were ordered in the first four weeks of availability than any previous Kindle launch in the same time frame.

"Kindle is the best selling product on for two years running and our new generation Kindles are continuing that momentum," said Steven Kessel, senior vice president, Amazon Kindle. "Readers are excited about all that the new Kindle has to offer -- 50 percent better contrast, 20 percent faster page turns, 15 percent lighter, up to one month of battery life -- and a new price of only $139."

It's that last bit that's probably most responsible for the Kindle's wildly successful launch. Prior to the recent price war among ebook readers, a Kindle would run nearly twice as much. At $140, it's far easier to justify a dedicated ebook reader, even without all the purported improvements to the underlying design.

Anyone order, or plan to order, one of the new Kindles? Or are you holding out for a low-cost tablet?

Image Credit: Amazon

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