Amazon Deal Brings Viacom TV Shows to Prime Streaming

Ryan Whitwam

Amazon announced a deal with Viacom today that brings it one step closer to truly competing with Netflix as a streaming video service. Amazon Prime Video will soon be streaming TV shows from MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central to Prime subscribers. The 2,000 new titles will push Amazon’s Prime offerings to roughly 15,000.

Both Netflix and Hulu can boast more content than Amazon, but the retail giant sweetens the pot with the Prime shipping service. Anyone that drops $79 for a yearly subscription to Prime gets free 2-day shipping on most items from Amazon, and free streaming video. As Amazon continues to push into tablets, and possibly phones, video content will become increasingly important.

Amazon is really pushing the acquisition with a banner on the Amazon homepage today. Amazon thinks it has a winner with Prime Video, but until it can match Netflix and stream to more devices, Prime will have an uphill climb. Do you have a Prime subscription? Was the shipping the main draw, or was it the video?

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