Amazon Appstore Lets Users "Test Drive" Android Apps

Paul Lilly

Amazon last week rolled out its Appstore for Android, and there a couple reasons why you should check it out. One reason is that Amazon offers a different paid app for free each day as its featured 'free app of the day.' But the much more compelling reason to give Amazon's Appstore for Android a spin is an awesome feature called "Test Drive." Just as it sounds, this allows you to test drive certain Android apps, free or paid, on your PC before committing to purchase and/or download.

Choosing to test drive an app loads up a virtual Android smartphone and launches a copy of the app on Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), a Web service that provides on-demand computer capacity in the cloud for developers. You control the app with your computer mouse, wihch simulates finger taps on a real phone. Amazon gives you 30 minutes to play around before your preview ends.

The Test Drive feature doesn't work with all apps, but it is compatible with "hundreds" of them, Amazon says. It's also limited to Android users living in the U.S.

Amazon Appstore

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