Amazon Adds 3,000 Discovery Communications Shows To Prime Instant Video

Brad Chacos

Amazon didn't get to be, well, Amazon by doing anything half-assed. The company has been applying its can-do mentality to the streaming video space. While Netflix spent the last six months stumbling and bumbling while its stock price plummeted, Amazon has quietly been bringing new TV titles to its Prime Instant Video service at a rapid pace. Today, the company announced that it has signed a deal with Discovery Communications to bring shows from Animal Planet, TLC and the Discovery family of stations to Prime.

The 3,000-ish new shows -- which include Dirty Jobs, Whale Wars, Shark Week, Cake Boss, Mythbusters, Man Vs. Wild and a whole lot more -- push the total number of freely streamable (if you have an $80/yr Amazon Prime subscription, that is) videos over the 17,000 mark. Not too shabby for a fledgling service. And that number is dwarfed by the 120,000 videos available for ala carte purchase or rent from the main Amazon Instant Video service.

Discovery family shows are a big feather in Prime's cap, but we have to say it -- all of those shows have been available on Netflix for a while now. How does Amazon Prime stack up to Netflix overall? Check out our deathmatch review pitting the two services head-to-head for more details.

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