Amazon Acquires Deal of the Day Site Woot

Ryan Whitwam

Online retail giant Amazon has today announced that they have acquired the Woot family of sites . No specifics on how much Amazon paid for the site were released. Statements from the Woot staff indicate that the site will continue to operate much as it always has and will be an autonomous subsidiary of Amazon.

The arrangement is likely to be similar to that of Audible or Zappos which have changed little since being acquired by Amazon. Woot CEO Matt Rutledge said of the deal, " From a practical point of view, it will be as if we are simply adding one person to the organizational hierarchy, except that one person will just happen to be a billion-dollar company that could buy and sell each and every one of you like you were office furniture." Did we mention we love Woot's sense of humor?

Jeff Bezos is building himself quite the little empire. But rest assured fellow geeks, we have every reason to think you will still be able to try (and fail) to snag a Bag of Crap in the next Woot-Off.

Image via Matt Rutledge of Woot

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