Amazing Mod Double Feature: GTA IV and Oblivion Overhauls Blow Minds, Graphics Cards

Maximum PC Staff

We're all for peeling the cobwebs off our old games and firing a few blasts at the past, but let's face it: rare is the game that ages gracefully. However, while owners of Lower Platforms are forced to endure hideous textures and lighting techniques originally employed by the ancient Egyptians, PC gamers get mods. And every once in a while, a mod comes along that successfully vaults over “Hey, that's neat” and clotheslines itself on “Damn, that's incredible,” sustaining horribly painful fall wounds in the process. But we digress. Point is, these two overhauls fit that bill perfectly, so you should check out their trailers and overload on eye candy.

First up, we have this incredibly hi-rez upgrade for Grand Theft Auto IV. If most games aim for photorealism, this mod hits the bullseye. Seriously. It'll be out next year, so make every second with your PC count. Its days are officially numbered.

After you've gotten your fill of criminals galavanting about in vehicles made out of incredibly shiny plastic and your wildest dreams, there's also this world and story overhaul for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion . If nothing else, the sheer ambition of this thing is very nearly absurd, essentially aiming to create an entirely new Elder Scrolls game. That is to say, new factions, new enemies, a new landmass, a new branch of the Elder Scrolls lore, and an emphasis on multiple approaches to every single obstacle. Andoran: Prologue – as it's known – is set to launch later this year.

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