Alleged Google Drive Screenshot Points to 5GB Free Storage

Pulkit Chandna

The mythical Google Drive cloud storage service just keeps getting better and better. Within a few days, the perennially-rumored service has gone from having 1GB of gratis storage space to 5GB. As is the case with most unsubstantiated reports, this latest GDrive rumor is also based on an anonymous tip. But the anonymous source in this case was kind enough to provide some ocular proof. Hit the jump for more.

Earlier this week, published an allegedly leaked GDrive screenshot and claimed that the service would offer 2GB of free space. But now the site has published a new screenshot and retracted its earlier claim, saying it was “completely wrong” about the amount of free storage.  This is because the latest screenshot, which appears to be of a GDrive download page, promises 5GB of free storage .

In its earlier report, the site had also claimed that Google Drive would be releasing during the week beginning April 16, and not in the first week of April as reported by GigaOm’s Om Malik. According to the site, the release schedule remains unchanged from what it reported earlier.

Despite Google Drive rumors heating up lately, the reports so far simply aren’t consistent enough to elicit true belief. So don't mark your calendars yet.

Image Credit: TalkAndroid

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