All New Kindle Fire Tablets Ship with 'Special Offers' (Ads); Wall Charger Costs Extra

Paul Lilly

Amazon may have ignited a price war with the introduction of new Kindle Fire models starting at $159, and $199 (and up) for the HD variants. However, the low prices come with a couple of caveats. First and foremost. every new Kindle Fire tablet comes with what Amazon calls "special offers" that appear on the lock screen. These are essentially ads in the form of money saving offers. Secondly, if you want a wall charger, that's a $10 add-on. Let's take a closer look.

Starting with the special offers, here's what Amazon has to say in its press release :

"The new Kindle Fire family comes with special offers that appear on the lock screen. Examples of special money-saving offers that customers will enjoy include a $5 credit in the Amazon MP3 Store and a $5 credit for select titles in the Amazon Instant Video Store. Customers will also receive special offers and screensavers from brands like AT&T, Discover and Intel, such as a special offer of a $10 Gift Card when a customer uses their Discover card to purchase a digital product on Amazon."

If you're not interested in lock screen ads, don't go cancelling your pre-order just yet. According to Engadget , there will be a way you can opt out of ads, though Amazon didn't go into any detail other than hinting at the fact that it will cost extra to do so. An official announcement is expected soon.

The other semi-hidden cost is that Amazon will no longer supply a wall charger with any of the Kindle Fire devices. All four models -- Kindle Fire , Kindle Fire HD , Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch , Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch 4G -- come with the tablet itself (duh), USB 2.0 cable, and a Quick Start Guide. If you want to plug it into the wall, you can pick up a ' Kindle PowerFast for Accelerated Charging ' for $20, or $10 if you purchase it the same time you buy/pre-order the tablet. Without it, you can still charge your Kindle Fire via a powered USB port.

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