All in One Day: HP Hits Back After Dell Makes Counter-offer for 3PAR

Pulkit Chandna

HP and Dell took the bidding war for data storage company 3PAR to a whole new level today. Although it was a day that began with HP as the favorite to acquire 3PAR and ended the way it started, it wasn't an unremarkable one by any means as there was a lot in between.

Dell countered Hewlett-Packard's $1.5 billion buyout bid with a $1.6 billion offer of its own earlier in the day, but the world's leading PC maker wasted little time in bettering Dell's offer. Its latest offer: $1.8 billion, or $27 per share, in cash.

While Dell may manage to keep the battle alive with another bid or two , experts feel the bidding war is most likely to end in HP's favor.

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