All Aboard! (for Free Wi-Fi Access on Amtrak Trains)


In an attempt to attract more business travelers, Amtrak announced plans to offer free wireless Internet service on some of its high-speed trains traveling between Boston, New York, and Washington, USA Today reports.

Amtrak's timing comes as more airlines begin to adopt Wi-Fi service of their own, which is one reason Amtrak has followed suit.

"That's part of it," admitted Cliff Cole, an Amtrak spokesman. But "It's more about our initiatives to add services for our passengers and create a better riding experience."

And it's been working, says Cole, who points out that Amtrak's share of the market between New York and Washington, compared with the airlines, has risen to 61 percent from 50 percent from September 2004 to June 2009.

Adding Wi-Fi to the designated routes is just the beginning. Amtrak said it plans to expand Internet availability to its Northwest regional trains, and eventually offer it beyond the East coast.

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