Alienware Alpha PC Game Console is Now Available to Pre-Order in the U.S.



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I just discovered DS4 Dual Shock 4 which is a program you can use on any PC granted you have a PlayStation 4 controller work really nice for a lot of game so your not hunched on the computer for hours end.
Does't work for games that require a keyboard and mouse. I don't recommend it for FPS Deathmatches either.



Just Alienware's steam machine without the Steam Controller and Steam OS. Also, Wayyyyy to underpowered for my tastes. I rather just game on my overpowered gaming rig.



As far as I'm concerned, the only one that's worth it, as in the true entry level price, is the i5 version and that's $799. Games are starting to support quad core only and when that becomes the new standard the people who bought the dual core i3 versions are pretty much SOL. On top of the other fact that the spec's on this custom GPU is pretty much on par with consoles as far as I could assume based on it's starting price. This means that either NVIDA either has unofficially slipped and confirmed their version of mantle, or Alienware is living on a prayer until steam OS is officially released. Also Window's 8.1 isn't 100% gamepad controllable which means you need to have a keyboard and mouse connected all the time which means you either have to use up a lot of the USB ports, or go wireless which isn't really a good idea for most games. As much as I hate AMD, you can barely scrape by with Intel and make a true gaming machine that even can be upgraded later following a m-ITX standard and it's only about the size of the Xbone if it were cut in half and that half was laid on top of the other one.



>Games are starting to support quad core only and when that becomes the new standard...
Oh hey, one of these. Application programs have no concept of "I can use x number of cores!" They only spawn threads that the OS figures out what to do with them. Otherwise that's a really stupid design on everyone's part.

People also seem to forget that the Xbox 360 had a tri-core, dual thread processor (so six threads of execution total) and the PS3 had essentially a six cores for games(though this is a very simplified explanation). If games were truly dual-core or threaded back then, that's a lot of power being wasted



Paul, do you know if these are custom Maxwell GPU's or just simply 750's or 750ti's incorporated onto the motherboard?



Alienware says it's a custom mobile GPU.