Alienware Wants to Abduct Your Console, Will Pay $200 with PC Purchase

Paul Lilly

Turn that crusty console into cash when buying an Alienware system

Alienware just expanded its trade-in program to include current consoles and is willing to pay $200 for your used Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, or Microsoft Xbox 360 when you purchase a new rig. The timing couldn't be any better, because with both Microsoft and Sony getting ready to launch new consoles next month, the value of these systems has never been lower. Trading in a Nintendo Wii is an especially interesting proposition.

A brand new Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort bundle runs $130. Good luck trying to hawk a used Wii sans bundle for anywhere close to what Alienware is offering. Here are the other models that Dell's boutique arm is willing to accept:

  • PlayStation 3 "Fat" (minimum 60GB)
  • PlayStation 3 "Slim" (minimum 120GB)
  • PlayStation 3 "Super Slim" (minimum 500GB)
  • Xbox 360 "Slim" (minimum 250GB)

To take advantage of the trade-in offer, you first need to purchase an Alienware system. These machines tend to run higher than non-boutique systems, though you can snag an Alienware X51 small form factor (SFF) gaming rig starting at $699 (read our review of the previous generation model, and check out our autopsy too). After that, visit Alienware's Trade Up Portal to provide a copy of your PC receipt and bank information, then print out the shipping label and send the company your console. Once it arrives and has been inspected, Alienware will initiate a bank transfer for your system's value within 40 days.

You can look up the cash back value ahead of time to confirm the amount you should receive, assuming it's in working order.

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