Alienware Stops Teasing, Officially Announces M11x R3, M14x, and M18x Laptops

Paul Lilly

The countdown timer on Alienware's 'Discover' portal teasing visitors to "be the first to know" has finally reached zero. So what was the big news? An Alienware triple-play consisting of three new laptops designed to redefine mobile gaming. These include the enhanced Alienware M11x R3, the new M14x, and the soon to be available M18x.

"Our teams have designed these systems with the features that are most important to gamers -- uncompromised graphics performance, latency-free wireless HD streaming to HDTVs, and lifelike 3D gaming," Dell said in a blog post . "All three platforms offer the latest in gaming technology, and feature second-generation Intel Core i processors to deliver the most immersive high-performance gaming experience imaginable."

The flagship M18x will launch with the title of "most powerful 18-inch gaming laptop in the universe," a claim Alienware intends to back up with an Intel Core i7 Extreme processor factory overclocked to 4GHz, dual-graphics technology, and a handful of unannounced specs that will most likely include oodles of RAM and a solid state drive (perhaps two in a RAID 0 configuration).

The M14x is a 14-inch laptop that weighs less than 6.5 pounds. Traits of the M14x include second-generation overclockable Core i7 processors, Nvidia GeForce GT 555M graphics with up to 3GB of video memory, optical disk drive, and optional Intel WiMAX technology or Verizon LTE.

Finally, the M11x is all about portability and boasts second-generation Core i processors, Nvidia GeForce GT 540M graphics, and the same broadband connectivity options as the M14x.

All three laptops comes with HDMI 1.4 for hooking up to 3D-capable HDTVs and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports.

Image Credit: Alienware

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